LJ WORLD: Davis campaign teams with ‘Swing Left’ to gather support

TOPEKA – Democratic congressional candidate Paul Davis is enlisting the help of a national Democratic organization to round up support for his campaign in the 2nd District of eastern Kansas.

Davis held what might be called an online “meet-and-greet” Wednesday that was hosted by Swing Left, an organization formed in 2016 in the wake of President Donald Trump’s election. The group is working in what it considers “swing” districts in hopes of electing a Democratic majority to the U.S. House in 2018 to serve as a check against the Trump administration.

And while Davis has been careful in the campaign not to identify himself as an “anti-Trump” candidate, he did challenge Trump on issues of trade tariffs and immigration during Wednesday’s online event.

“Right now, what President Trump is doing with the trade war that he has sparked with China and many of our allies, economic allies, has had a dramatic effect on Kansas farmers,” Davis said, noting that soybeans, the target of retaliatory tariffs by China, are the single largest crop grown in the 2nd District.

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