KSNT: Congressional candidates voice disdain for tariffs

By Alec Gartner
The list of goods getting caught in the battle over tariffs keeps growing. Earlier this week President Trump put tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods. Then Wednesday, China announced taxes on $60 million worth of American made products.
There are three candidates running for the second district Congressional seat currently held by Lynn Jenkins. Democrat Paul Davis, Libertarian Kelly Standley, and Republican Steve Watkins are all vying to replace her.
It began with aluminum and steel tariffs imposed by President Trump. Shortly after the Chinese reacted by targeting crops exported from the U.S.
Farmers in Kansas immediately knew that they would be affected.
“When the Chinese slap a tariff on soy beans, every farmer is going to feel that, and not just farmers and people that work in agriculture, the ripple effects of that are all down main street,” said Democratic candidate Paul Davis.
He says that trade with China is a concern for him and it must be addressed.