WIBW Radio: Davis says Trump trade policy ‘doesn’t make any sense’

By Nick Gosnell

Kansas Democratic candidate for Congress for the 2nd District Paul Davis commented Wednesday on the proposal for USDA money to be spent to help support farmers through the trade conflicts that are ongoing between the United States and other countries.

“I think this latest proposal by the Trump administration and the Department of Agriculture just doesn’t really pass the common sense test,” said Davis. “We have policies that the Trump administration is pursuing that are hurting farmers. They’re hurting Kansas agriculture. They’re hurting our communities. There’s just no doubt about that. We are seeing the results of that.”

Davis believes farmers don’t want a handout, they want an opportunity to sell what they grow.

“We have a failed policy and because of it, we’re going to just go out and essentially have a bailout,” said Davis. “I just don’t think it makes any sense and I think that most farmers, they don’t want a bailout either. They just want to be able to get their products to markets across the ocean or in other countries and what the Trump administration is doing right now is causing serious damage.”

Davis doesn’t believe these trade conflicts are effective.

“There’s no doubt that the Chinese are engaging in a lot of bad behavior,” said Davis. “I think that there is a better way in which we can go about addressing and remedying those issues than starting a trade war with the Chinese. That trade war has now extended to countries that have been long-time allies of the United States. I think, at a time when we are seeing some economic progress, although there are certainly lots of people who are not feeling it, this really risks not only upsetting the direction the American economy is heading right now, but upsetting the global economy.

Davis says if there is a global slowdown, we will definitely feel it in Kansas.

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