STATE OF THE RACE: New poll in KS-02!

TO: Interested Parties

FROM: Kerry Gooch, Campaign Manager, Paul Davis for Kansas

RE: New polling data in KS-02


With just over four months to Election Day, the Paul Davis campaign has shifted into high gear. Please find attached new polling data, conducted by The Mellman Group, which further demonstrates Paul’s strength as a candidate for the Kansas second congressional district. The memo outlines the data in more detail, but the bottom line is this:

Paul’s commitment to Kansas is paying off, and he can win this race.

These new numbers – which show Paul is both the best known and best liked candidate in this heavily Republican district – underscores the hard work Paul has been doing on the ground since he launched his campaign in August 2017:

  • He is the only candidate to visit all 25 counties of the district before entering the race.

  • He is the only candidate to raise over $1 million, with over 80% of contributions of $100 or less. This is more than the entire Republican field combined.

  • He is the only candidate who filed by petition, collecting 4,481 signatures from all 25 counties of the district – nearly double the 2,300 required by state law.

  • He is the only candidate who has pledged to host a townhall meeting in every county of the district every year he serves, if elected.

Our campaign is very encouraged by these numbers, but we take nothing for granted. Despite there being no clear frontrunner in the Republican primary, DC superPACS have already pledged to spend $1.25 million in misleading attack ads against Paul, and we know that is only the beginning. Regardless of what Washington special interests funnel into this race, Paul will keep his focus on Kansas — out-working, out-raising, and out-organizing his opponents until the final ballot is cast on November 6th.

Please feel free to contact the campaign if you have additional questions.