RELEASE: Davis responds to DC’s new attacks on Kansas healthcare


Today, the Trump Administration and leaders in Washington waged a new attacks on Kansans’ healthcare, taking particular aim at current protections in place for those who suffer from pre-existing conditions.

“Nothing will devastate a family’s security as swiftly or as irreversibly as a health care crisis,” said Paul Davis, a candidate for Congress in Kansas’ second district. “It’s not only physically and financially terrifying, it also robs us of our freedom to live full, happy lives. Eliminating protections for pre-existing conditions will devastate Kansas families, and fighting for them in Congress is going to be a top priority.”

The Trump Administration’s Department of Justice said in a new legal filing that key parts of the Affordable Care Act should be invalidated. Therefore, in a departure from their traditional role, DOJ will no longer defend two central, consumer protection style provisions of the ACA against the lawsuit. Most importantly, this threatens the ACA’s protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

Davis knows firsthand how deeply personal health care is. When his daughter needed cranial surgery at just six-months old, he knew she could have been plagued with a pre-existing condition for her entire life if not for protections provided under current law. When his dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and his parents had to dip into their retirement savings to pay for prescription medications, he understood firsthand how much the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs hurts Kansas families.

“Our healthcare system is not perfect, but from talking to voters across this district, it’s clear that Kansans want both sides to come together and fix what’s broken,” said Davis. “Instead, Washington is so dysfunctional that they are trying to dismantle critical protections that can literally mean life or death to some Kansas families.”

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, Kansas ranks 11th highest in the nation for adults under age 65 with pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, high blood pressure, cancer, heart conditions, or even pregnancy. All those  Kansans would be charged higher insurance rates — or be denied coverage altogether.

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