RELEASE: Davis raises over $1 million from 4,394 contributors


Paul Davis’ campaign for second congressional district in Kansas raises over
$1 million from 4,394 individual contributors

Since January, Davis has raised $342,000, with an average contribution of $113.30

Lawrence, Kan. – Paul Davis continues to build momentum in his campaign for Kansas’ second congressional district, announcing today that he has raised over $1 million from 4,394 contributors since entering the race in August. During the first quarter of 2018, which ran from January 1 to March 31, the campaign raised over $342,000, with an average contribution of $113.30.

“Billionaire campaign donors and Washington special interests plan to spend whatever it takes to keep control of a corrupt system that leaves everyday Kansans behind,” said Davis. “We won’t be able to outspend them, so we’re going to outwork them. That’s why we’ve been knocking on doors throughout the second district every week, and why Kansans in all 25 counties of the district have contributed to our effort.”

Seven months after entering the race, Davis remains focused on running a Kansas-focused, people-powered campaign. Seventy-two percent of the campaign’s contributions come from within Kansas, and over 80 percent of contributions are $100 or less.

Last month, the Cook Political Report changed the campaign’s rating from “leans Republican” to “tossup.” In January, both Politico and CNN added Davis to their “top 10 must-watch” lists for 2018, noting Davis’ competitiveness in a state that President Donald Trump carried with 56 percent of the vote. When Davis ran for Kansas governor in 2014, he carried KS-02 by nearly seven points.

The campaign’s first quarter fundraising report can be viewed publicly on the Federal Elections Commission website after April 15th.

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