KSN: Davis makes campaign stop in Pittsburg

By Ashley Godwin

A candidate for Kansas 2nd Congressional District makes a campaign stop in the Four States.

On Thursday, Paul Davis traveled all over Southeast Kansas to listen to the voters. The stops included an evening in Pittsburg. Davis talked about a few key points he wants to address in Washington if he gets elected, which include healthcare costs, gun control reform, and taxes.

“We have a Congress right now that is just not responsive to the American people and we have to be able to have people in Washington D.C. that are really going to go to Washington D.C. to represent us and they’re not going there to represent the special interests and the people who are funding their campaigns,” says Paul Davis.

Davis served in the Kansas House of Representatives for 12 years, including 6 years as the House minority leader. He is running against 9 other primary candidates.

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