WIBW RADIO: Davis hopes Trump’s unity message gets through to Trump

By Nick Gosnell
WIBW Radio

One of the candidates hoping to be sitting in the House of Representatives for the next State of the Union address from President Donald Trump talked to a crowd he watched the speech with that wishes Trump would live up to some of his words from Tuesday night.

“They like to hear the President talking about how we need to unify as a country,” said Democratic candidate for Congress, Paul Davis. “They feel like sometimes, he may say that in a State of the Union Address, but then, today or tomorrow, he’s going to go out and say something that is divisive. This is not a person who is serious about trying to bring Americans together.”

There is an issue Trump brought up in the speech that he and Davis would agree on, however, and that is the critical need for infrastructure in this country.

“We absolutely need to have a major investment in infrastructure,” Davis said. “The question is, what is it going to look like? The tax reform bill that President Trump signed into law has blown a huge hole in our Federal budget deficit. I worry about our ability to be able to responsibly pay for an infrastructure bill.”

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