IN THE NEWS: Democrat congressional candidate challenges tax policy direction

By Nick Gosnell

A Democrat vying to replace Lynn Jenkins in the U.S. House of Representatives doesn’t agree with the direction that body has taken tax policy of late.

“We absolutely need tax reform,” said Paul Davis, the 2014 Democratic nominee for Governor who is running for Congress this time around. “We’ve got a tax code that is too complex and it’s not working for everyday Kansans or for everyday Americans. I think Congress is missing the boat, because if you look at this tax bill, the lion’s share of the benefit is really going to the wealthiest Americans and it’s going to big, multinational corporations.”

Davis believes that by closing tax loopholes, there can be $900 million made available over the next decade for tax relief for the lower and middle class.

“Big corporations don’t need any more tax cuts,” said Davis. “The wealthiest Americans don’t need any more tax cuts. The people who really need a tax cut and have had the burden of, whether it’s here in Kansas, paying the second highest tax on groceries, they need a tax break and that’s what we ought to do.”

Davis is concerned that the tax cut, if signed by the President, could leave the federal government without enough resources to do what is needed for Kansans.

“Non-partisan scorekeepers who have been looking at this tax plan say that it’s going to trigger a $25 billion cut to Medicare,” said Davis. “That affects thousands upon thousands of senior citizens here in Kansas. We need a farm bill. Next year, we’re going to be debating a new farm bill. Agriculture supports over a quarter-million jobs here in Kansas and the farm bill is vital. Our ability to be able to fund things like that gets jeopardized.”

Davis asserts that the tax bill was written by lobbyists behind closed doors and that the process to get to a final version was not the way he would like to see legislation worked through. The bill’s next step is a conference committee.

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