RELEASE: Unprecedented group of Republican officials endorse Davis/Docking

TOPEKA – In an unprecedented move, more than one hundred Republican current and former elected officials announced today their endorsement of Paul Davis for Governor and Jill Docking for Lt. Governor.

The group, Republicans for Kansas Values, includes one hundred and four Republicans who served or are serving in public office – from the federal level to the local level.

“All of us standing here today know Kansas can do better,” said Davis. “We can have better schools and a stronger economy. The values that unite us as Kansans are much bigger than the partisanship and experiment of Sam Brownback. Through hard work and cooperation, we can restore Kansas together.”

The group is made up of Republicans from across Kansas – from Overland Park to Hugoton, Salina to Fort Scott. They are all served in public office as Republicans.

“All of us are proud Republicans. We came together because of our common love of Kansas, our commitment to Kansas families, and our belief in moderate, commonsense leadership,” said Wint Winter, former state Senator from Douglas County. “We are deeply concerned by the direction Sam Brownback is taking Kansas. Today we announce our opposition to his re-election. And to pledge our voices, our energy and our votes to Paul Davis and Jill Docking – our choice for Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Kansas.”

The group held a public event in Topeka to announce their opposition to Sam Brownback’s re-election and endorse Davis/Docking for Governor.

“This election should not be about electing a Republican or a Democrat as Governor. It must be about electing a moderate, commonsense Kansan as governor,” said Dick Bond, former state Senate President. “I have been a Republican all my life and don’t intend to change. But I am proud today to support Paul Davis and Jill Docking for Kansas’ sake.”

The group pointed to Brownback’s experimental tax plan, severe cuts to schools, and fiscally irresponsible budgeting as reasons for their historic decision. They also praised Davis’s moderate, commonsense leadership and his focus on proven solutions.

“We support Paul Davis and Jill Docking for many reasons, the first of which is their steadfast support for our public schools. Paul has been a champion of schools for his entire career,” said Carol Rupe Linnens, former member of the Kansas State Board of Education. “One of the unique values most Kansans share is a strong commitment to our schools and our top-notch education system. It is clear Sam Brownback does not share this Kansas value.”

Republicans for Kansas values strongly endorsed Davis’ record of bringing people together – regardless of political affiliation – to get things done for Kansas families.

“I worked with Paul for many years in the legislature and have nothing but positive things to say for the quality of his character and the strength of his leadership,” said Charlie Roth, former state Representative from Salina. “I found him to be thoughtful, smart, and always open to suggestions. He is a natural leader and will bring Kansans together. He will be a tremendous governor.”

“This demonstrates the style of leadership Paul Davis will bring to the governor’s office,” said Docking. “He will bring people together – no matter what differences they may have – to solve the challenge we face as a state and put Kansans first. That is the kind of leader we deserve.”

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