ROLL CALL: Top 5 Races to Watch in the Plains States

Kansas Governor. Brownback is a Republican governor running for re-election in a Republican state, but he is having a tough time. His economic plan hasn’t gone as expected, some of his former aides faced unflattering headlines, and he inflamed the decades long battle with the state party between conservatives and moderates. Republicans are trying to discredit Democrat Paul Davis and tie him to President Barack Obama. Demonizing Davis is probably Brownback’s only play at this point. The Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call rating: Leans Republican.

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RELEASE: A second Brownback term means deeper cuts to schools

In an ongoing effort to rewrite his record and hide the detrimental impact his failed economic experiment has had on Kansas classrooms,

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HIGH PLAINS JOURNAL: Davis believes Kansas needs a change at top

By Dave Bergmeier, High Plains Journal

Paul Davis may be a Lawrence native, but he believes he has a handle on state issues that impact rural and agricultural interests in Kansas.

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LAWRENCE JOURNAL WORLD: Davis campaign focuses on education funding

By Peter Hancock, Lawrence Journal World

Kansas Democrats are pinning much of their hopes in the 2014 elections on the belief that

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RELEASE: Brownback and allies ignore fiscal crisis, attempt to distract Kansas voters

Demonstrating once again just how out of touch he is with the true financial state of Kansas, Sam Brownback

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DAILY KOS: Brownback is in deep trouble

By Jeff Singer, Daily Kos Elections

How do you go from a landslide victory to fighting for your political life in a state that heavily favors your party? Ask Kansas's Republican Gov. Sam Brownback.

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LAWRENCE JOURNAL WORLD: New poll shows Brownback in trouble

By Peter Hancock, Lawrence Journal World

Another poll is showing the state's top two Republican candidates in trouble for the upcoming election.

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VIDEO: Ice Bucket Challenge!

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FACT CHECK: Brownback for Kansas Ad "Record"

What do you do when you are the Kansas Governor and:

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RELEASE: Fraternal Order of Police, Kansas State Firefighters PAC endorse Davis

Paul Davis announced today two of the state’s prominent public safety organizations endorsed his campaign

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